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Year 7 bake sale last week

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Public Congratulations to all Year 7 students for raising €360 for KUBUKA during their bake sale last week.

And a big thank you to the Student Council for their invaluable help.

Free ebooks

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You’ve probably heard of Project Gutenberg, an idea that has turned over 54,000 books whose copyrights have expired into freely downloadable ebooks. But they aren’t formatted as well as most ebooks you’d pay for, and issues with justification, odd spaces and inconsistent typography can detract from your reading pleasure.


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Sending large photographs via email will quickly clog up user's email boxes, as well as your own.

WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2GB of photographs effortlessly. It's pre-installed on school iPads.

Image Resizer

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As you know, the Noticeboard has a size limit of 800 pixels for photographs.

Unfortunately, the Photos app on the iPad does not have a provision for resizing. To allow users to upload photos at the right size, every iPad has now been sent a small app that will allow you to resize.

DofE Expedition

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The Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition took place this weekend in the mountains near Navacerrada, with 30 pupils taking part.

50 years old!


Happy 2017! As you know, this year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We have been working on the school's brand as part of our Anniversary celebrations, and before our first day back we would like to share the result of this work with you.

This is Runnymede College's new logo. With this new design we aim to emphasise our 50 years and our Founder's vision: Delight, Ornament, Ability.