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People still force quitting iOS apps

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A number of pupils have come by with problems on their iPads which seem to have been caused by force quitting apps. Some claim that their teachers instructed them to do so. If this is the case, please refrain from telling them to force quit as it slows down the iPad, uses more battery, and can damage files and the operating system.

Auschwitz Exhibition

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On Friday the travelling Auschwitz exhibition was premiered in Madrid. Madrid is the only Spanish city it will be visiting and it is on until June. There is a short video and more information on the website at: http://auschwitz.net/en/

Class Reps - Monday Meetings

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Public Please remember that at least one class rep from each tutor group must meet with Ms Leon EVERY WEEK at 8.30am in the small office next to Cervantes outside the staff room.


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Public Can anyone who reached Gold before half term please meet outside Ms Quinn's office at FIRST BREAK on WEDNESDAY to have their photo taken for the newsletter.

If you are not sure if you reached Gold, please check the Vivo Board outside the staff room.

Year 7 bake sale last week

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Public Congratulations to all Year 7 students for raising €360 for KUBUKA during their bake sale last week.

And a big thank you to the Student Council for their invaluable help.

Free ebooks

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You’ve probably heard of Project Gutenberg, an idea that has turned over 54,000 books whose copyrights have expired into freely downloadable ebooks. But they aren’t formatted as well as most ebooks you’d pay for, and issues with justification, odd spaces and inconsistent typography can detract from your reading pleasure.


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Sending large photographs via email will quickly clog up user's email boxes, as well as your own.

WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2GB of photographs effortlessly. It's pre-installed on school iPads.

Image Resizer

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As you know, the Noticeboard has a size limit of 800 pixels for photographs.

Unfortunately, the Photos app on the iPad does not have a provision for resizing. To allow users to upload photos at the right size, every iPad has now been sent a small app that will allow you to resize.